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Access Bookmarks From Dashboard

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 09:02AM EST


Selecting the Bookmarks menu item from the Passages Dashboard will open the Bookmarks Library in a new window. The Bookmarks Library allows you to access and manage all of your persisted bookmarks for your current Geo pool.

NOTE: If your administrator has enabled the Bookmarks Saved by Geo preference, your bookmarks will not persist across locations. When you switch locations, your bookmarks from the previous Geo pool will not appear in the new session. For more information, please read our article on the Bookmarks Saved by Geo preference or contact your administrator to learn your specific setup.

A Library window will open reminiscent of Firefox’s Library window with a section containing four tabs: History, Downloads, Tags, and Bookmarks. The Bookmarks tab will be automatically opened, displaying the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, and Unsorted. The Bookmarks Library allows you to access and manage all of your persisted bookmarks for your current Geo pool.

In the Bookmarks Library, entries can be filtered by name, tags, and location by selecting the column header. You can navigate between folders using the left-hand navigation sidebar. Selecting folders from the navigation sidebar will display their contents.

When you select a bookmark, you will be presented with the associated information for that bookmark - including Name, Location, Tags, Keyword, Description, and the option to Load this bookmark in the sidebar. You are able to edit these fields, and the information will persist across your browsing sessions. You can open a particular bookmark in your open tab by double-clicking the desired bookmark.

The Bookmarks Toolbar is also visible in the Passages browser below the URL bar. Any bookmarks you place on the Bookmarks Toolbar will appear there and persist through sessions. You can add bookmarks to this toolbar just as you would in Firefox.

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